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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You'd Think This Story Would be About a Paperclip

So I'm in Nashville tonight and my awesome big sister Abby texts me and asks me to do her blog for her tonight. I reply yes and she sends me the picture above saying she found it in the parking lot at the emergency room. Ever so casually, might I add. First and foremost I'm wondering what the HECK she is doing at the ER and then thinking, I will never in a million years blog about that paper clip like Abby would. Not in a million years. Not that it would be worse or better, but I know her and I know me and I KNOW that her paper clip story and mine would NOT match up and promptly decided not to use it. Back to the ER...

So Mark's (PiePie's) dad fell in the driveway today and shattered his hip and broke a bone in his leg in a bad way. They took him to Hendersonville and then they had to take the poor guy on to Vanderbuilt (which is where the big sis found the paper clip). If you are a prayer of prayers, a thinker of thoughts, or a worrier of sorts, this man can use some of your time, folks. Stick him on your list.

So I guess what I notice isn't the paper clip at all, but Abby's hand. It looks like our mom's hand. For years, I've stared at the top my mother's hands as she played the piano and wondered when mine would begin to look like hers. Over the past couple of years (but it seems like overnight), I've noticed (as I played the piano) that I can see mom's hands.

Then the sister sends me the paperclip pic and I saw the palm of my mother's hand and it comforted me. It was holding a paperclip that reminded me of my dad (which is another story in and of itself). I saw those lines and new the stories that made them and the world was perfect for me in that instant. The only feeling I had was that of being loved by three people all at the same time in three compeletly different ways - for the love of a sister is unlike the love of a mother, whose love is unlike a father's - my hope is that everyone in the world could feel the love that I felt the moment I looked at that picture.

I'll leave the paperclip story for Abby to tell, because it's her story. I hope mine made you smile.

All my love,

Malinda (the 2nd sister)

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