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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Just a little look....

As you know...I just cleaned our bedroom, which literally took me all. day. long. And I snapped this photo of the "new" top to the tall dresser in there. It is apt to change at any given moment, but for now...this is it. Let's see...up there, we have a fortune that was actually in a cookie I got once. I took a photo. Framed the photo. Put it on my dresser, just to remind the man-occupant of said room, in case he ever chastises me about my wardrobe or anything. If you know me even remotely well, you know that I *never* throw away a fortune. I always tuck them in my pocket, throw them in my purse, lay them in the console of the car...anything other than toss them. I really wish all those years ago, when I developed this odd quirk, that I would have started putting them all in one place. Alas, I did not. On with the tour of PiePie's dresser top that Honey took over, you will see, in the background, a tall glass juice pitcher, maybe? It has a lid. And on it, there is an "A". Another thing you know about me is that I am a typography nut, and I love letters and numbers. Of course, there are certain ones I love better than others, so the one with the "A" is for "ABBY" on it was a thrilling find for me. I think I paid all of a buck for it at a yardsale last summer. That's pricey for me to pay at a yardsale, too. Next, we have...scroll up....scroll down...the vintage hat box. I would venture to guess that this box is from a hat that my Granny had, as it was from my mom, and it had a few things from when she was a child >>>a YOUNG child<<< in there. I found the vintage knock-off stickers at Home Goods a few years back (love them) and decided to take the plain, brown box (is a circular object still a "box"???) with sooo much potential and turn it into "a box that could". Just a lil Mod Podge'll do ya, folks. :) It's been around for ages now, and it is in A-1 condition, even after roosting upon a leaky floor from a leaky wall that we didn't know we had for quite some time. Now, in the forefront of the photo, you'll see a blue vaseymadealio. This was given to PiePie and Honey by a neighborish dude who was grateful for our help one day. We'll leave it at that. Isn't it spectacular, though? the spectacular baseymadealio given to us by the neighborish dude is a flowerpot of button happiness given to me from my mommy on Thanksgiving this last year. All the girls got button flowers, and all the boys got boxes of pick-up-stix with their names engraved on them. Cool seat markers, huh? So there you have it...the items residing on the dresser top where PiePie's items of clothing reside. (I don't think he would appreciate it if I said it was *his* dresser top, what with it being girly and all....)

So there is an impromtu tour of the dresser top that used to be PiePie's that is really technically not PiePie's any least this week. The End.

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