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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

So, there we were on a stormy Monday night at nearly 10:00 at Academy Sports, looking for the $15 tennis shoes they had in their Sunday circular. We were at zombie stage since we had been up at 5:00, and at the hospital for more than 3/4 of the past 24 hours. In comes this guy...he wasn't walking, nor was he running. He was sort of...hopping?...we'll go with that. He was WAY too chipper and happy to be looking at running shoes upwards of a house payment in price, and WHY was he there on a stormy, rainy night, running shorts and shoes clad, happy to be shopping for what evidently was a new pair. WHO is out at that time of night, on THAT kind of night, looking for running shoes? I found myself wondering if he had a family, and where his family was, and continuing to revel in my thoughts that he was weird for being there, and *then* it hit me. Guess who *else* was there???? Right. Me. Oops. Never judge a book by its cover, friends. :) Apparently, this one shoulda been in the mystery section, eh?

So, I'm listening to Trace Adkins' new song "Just Fishin'" and thinking that I like the words. Sorta goes with the topic of my post...sorta.

The sun is shining today, even though it's a bit chilly. I am dragging. It is nearly 1:00, and I'm just getting to straightening my hair, and I still have to "run" to Nashville to see Papa and leave clean clothes, take dirty ones, leave food, leave blood sugar testing supplies, and make sure all is well. Did I mention I'm tired? :) I'm not complaining, though. I'm happy to be able to do these things for people that have done so much for me.

And for random's sake...that photo up there is about as random as it gets, folks. That was taken on the night of Makayla's basketball banquet.

The end.

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