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Monday, April 11, 2011

Just a Photo

For blog's sake. Cuz I'm tired. Hospital-sitting is hard work. I knew this; however, it's been a few years since I've done the hospital-sitting game. (I'm glad.) I've ran the battery down on my computer, sent a countless number of texts, looked at a stack of magazines, watched who knows how many thousands of people walk through the halls of Vanderbilt, and listened to the phone ring an uncountable number of times, waiting on them to say it was *our* turn to hear some news. When our turn finally came, it was GOOD news, so it was worth waiting on. Carl came out of surgey just fine. Though the doctor found a badly shattered hip and joint, he was pleased with the repair that took him over four hours to perform. We are now listening to him snore, ever so soundly, while Granny gets a long-awaited-for shower. Makayla is konked out on the ...chair... *?* and Mark and I are holding down the ...loveseat... *?* while we are waiting to get Granny squared away for the night. Lucky me will be treking back down here tomorrow to help hold down the fort, and to visit Meg and Gatlin should they still be here. (Family reunions at places like Vanderbilt should be outlawed.) Makayla will be heading back to school, Mark back to work, and me...yeah. We already went there. Oh---lets see...I also stitched a couple blisters on my fingers, and I have two...count 'em...TWO flat cheeks. G'night.

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