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Monday, April 4, 2011


So, I got to eat breakfast with this guy and his really doesn't get any better than that, 'specially because I got to sit between him and the PiePie, and chat across the table with his mom and his lovely grandma, who happens to live closer to me than Atlanta, where he and his mother reside. I should look at this photo and be so very happy that we are standing there together, being all happy and stuff, but yet I find myself questioning why I am where I am at this present time in my life. I miss my kids. I miss teaching. I worked so hard to be able to teach. I don't understand why I'm not teaching. Yet, I remain on the happy side and trust that the God that I worship has a greater plan than that that I am aware of. (Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world...isn't that how that one goes??? I had to dig around deep in the attic >or basement< in my brain to remember that song from trips long ago.) And while I am satisfied and un-satisfied all at once, though I have made *many* unconventional, maybe even what others would call crazy decisions in my life, I can't say that there were any that I made that I did not ask for His guidance about first, or that I did not have a peace about before I made them. And that peace has been my saving grace on many a sleepless night, let me assure you. I go back to my flower-making and my painting, my husband, my daughter, my dogs, my corner, I go with a grateful heart to be where I am at this moment, loving the life that I live, living the life that I love. Thank you, Jesus, for You are good. After all, if I hadn't been where I was those years ago, and he hadn't been where he was those years ago, and if God didn't reside in both of our hearts both now and then, then we wouldn't be standing up there, together, happy to see each other. And for that, I am grateful.

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