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Monday, April 18, 2011

Piggapancake, Post Deaux

So, today, I am going to talk about something I *meant* to talk about the *other* day. (Imagine.) My sister told me, in conversation, that when considering what she wanted to say to someone, she asked herself what her husband would say; how he would act, and I thought, "Wow, what a compliment to him, that she could be married to him that long, spend day after day after day with him, yet still want to seek his opinion, and model her thoughts into an answer like one she thought he would give." I know that there are couples that do this; I can think of examples just now, more than I have fingers to count, but still, it is not, in my experience, a huge popularity of married couples that could or would say that. So, kudos to you, Sister and Husband, for being *that* couple. :)

On to other news....well, today, I don't have any other news. Those feet up there belong to the Nanna. I took them tonight from the concession stand windo at Kevin's ballgame. She was sitting directly below me. In my head, it was a neat shot, but with a cell phone camera, not so much. Oh, well.

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