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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Positivity, Continued

So, today while I was working, this lady came in, and we were talking, and one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew, she was sharing her philosophy with me on being happy and choosing to be around people who are not negative all the time, which ultimately drains you of your energy and leaves you...well...less than...energized? The next couple that came in were explaining to me that they were stuck in downtown Nashville yesterday, searching on street after street for their car, which they had completely forgotten where they had parked because they had been engrossed in conversation. Not only were they walking around downtown looking for their car, but they were doing it in the middle of a thunderstorm warning for Davidson county. I promptly said that I figured it would be easy for them to stay dry-er today than they had yesterday, to which she replied that it was ok; they had taken a positive spin on things by concluding that they were happy they had enjoyed eachother enough to lose sight of time and location because they were talking, and that since they had been wet up to their knees while searching for their wheels, they had a story to tell. I automatically *loved* them. How could you not????? The third "positivity" that happened to me today, or this evening, rather, was this church sign I read on our way home from picking up the sorriest excuse for a Redbone that I've ever seen. The sign said, "Be positive. Negative thoughts and words destroy faith." So, positive, I shall try to remain! Just thought that since I blogged the topic last night and then today I had those three stories to tell that I would tell them.

Now...on to the Redbone and a bit of a funny. To me, 99% of the fun of getting a new animal is naming it. Always has been. It dawned on me the other day that "Milicent" would be a very good name for a dog. When PiePie told me that a friend who "owed him a trade" had a Redbone, he must have seen that my eyes lit up as I talked about how there was not much short of a bat smacking a baseball out of the park that delighted me as much as my mom's piano playing and a redbone bellowing outside my window. Tonight, when I got home from work, he asked me if I wanted to go and pick her up...he had already talked to his friend and had this pretty much pre-arranged. THEN...he told me her name. This is the SECOND dog I've inherited that has had my name. Her name is...wait for it...Abby. Sounds like the perfect place to insert the name "Milicent", doesn't it? Yeah, I thought so, too. So, as we were driving home, all cramped in PiePie's truck, Makayla, Anna, PiePie, and Honey (not recommended), I announced that I had been thinking. You can imagine that PiePie LOVES to hear Honey say she has been thinking, since 9 times out of 10, that spells w-o-r-k for PiePie....but this time, it was much easier on PiePie. All Honey wanted to do was just re-name Abby, calling her "Milicent". Anna thought she should be called "Cutie", and so Honey decided her name should be "Milicent Cutie Pants". I would be hard pressed to tell you of a time that PiePie told Honey "no" about something, but put his food down hard and fast he did. "NOOOOO!!!!!!" he said. "If I want to take her hunting, I cannot be out in the woods hollering 'Here, Mil-i-cent!!!' NO!!!!" So Honey asked him if it was acceptable to be hollering his WIFE'S name, and having his DOG come up to him, to which he replied that it was MUCH more acceptable than having to holler for a dog named Milicent! Imagine the disgrace! Sooo...Honey did what any good Honey would do, and told PiePie that when she got her next male dog, she was going to name him MARK, but PiePie said that would be *just fine*...and, he meant it. The saga of what Redbone's name really is will continue...I'll let you know when I win. :)

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