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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Encouragement.....for you, Friend.

Lately, I've not been the happiest person...and when I'm not happy, it's hard to blog, because I only really want to ever blog happy thoughts, since people come here to see happiness....not sadness or irritation or frustration. Lately, I've been busy. And when I'm busy, my brain doesn't necessarily function on "creative" mode, or on "blog" mode, which sorta go hand in hand.
My super-great friend keeps telling me to blog...she knows it's good for me, and I like to think she enjoys reading, too....and I keep promising her a blog, and I've thought of 1,002 topics to blog on, but not when I've been at the computer (which has been next to none) and then, there's that part about being inspired to write, which comes with the above-mentioned happy part...and hasn't happened.

I found myself tonight with the computer in my lap, looking at facebook, thinking I needed something to look at or do, and so I went and visted the Sister's blog....she's been a "badder" blogger than's been since April that she blogged....but the post she did make this month made up for the silence...almost. :) (Love you, Sister.) You can view her post, called "Sometimes...." by going here: It's worth your time, so I said so.
Next, I went to another of my favorite "eye candy" blogs, which usually has neat quotes, like this one: Happiness doesn't come with an expiration date....anon....and then, I ran across this:

and then, I decided between my empty promises to my Friend, the inspiration from the Sister, and then the speaking-to I received from the 8 Rules Photo, I should blog.

And I shall try to blog more often, because as the Friend already knows and has encouraged me to do so because she knows's good for me.

Oh...and, Friend???....I lurve you. Lots, even.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tonight, I feel like blogging.

Actually, I think of things to blog about every day, but with my new computer and no outlook, it just seems like such a I've been bad. Sorry, peeps. I will *try* to do better!

Let's see....tonight, I will talk about....ummm....lemme go peruse the photos to come up with something.....

I was perusing a blog this evening about sisters, and so when I saw this, it seemed appropriate for the day.....I love my sisters. There was a book on there, presumedly about Sisterhood of some sort, called "A Soft Landing".....I hope you have a sister, or two, or three, that provide soft landings for you when you need them. I know I do, and I'm oh, so very lucky. I love you, sisters o' mine!!!