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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's been a year. Only a year! Yesterday was our anniversary. It was an interesting day, for sure. The best part, though, was just knowing he was here, and when I came home, well...he would be here. OK, the beautiful flowers and the card and the necklace were nice, don't get me wrong, but really, he's given me so much more.

My Grandma was telling me that she was having some anxiety issues what with my uncle being in the hospital, and my reply was that I knew *exactly* what she was talking about, but that PiePie had made that all better, and maybe she needed to borrow him? :)

Really, though. This guy...the one who from the *very first* conversation we had instantly "got it" and was instantly my best friend...he has given me so much. I may as well just start a list.

1. He gave me a best friend. Someone that I can tell all my thoughts, feelings, joys, and sorrows, that's him. Someone that I don't have to have words, but with a look, a touch, or on instinct, he just knows. That's him.

2. This best friend is so easy to be around. I have, on numerous occassions, told people that he is just *easy*. Being in his presence is easy. Talking to him is easy. Loving him is easy. He is just *easy*.

3. Because he's easy...he's helped me heal. I'm not so nervous any more. I can breathe! I can eat. It stays where it should. (Except it likes my hips and those places under my arms that no one likes for food to go.) Even with that extra 50 pounds, even in the morning, even when I don't feel well, he still makes me feel beautiful. Always.

4. Ok, this is a big one. I mean a BIG ONE. How did my sister know that he loved me, for real? He let me paint his walls. :) a BIG way. I don't have photos, but trust's graffiti, folks. On his walls. Unsupervised. And better yet...he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw it, and told me that he thought it looked great. And he meant it. He also gave me everything he had. From the moment I was here, it was all ours and not just his. I had a home. I was free to do as I wished, and I did. The neat thing is that we took his things and my things and we made this home into OUR home. Those things meshed together like we did. Just right.

5. You know how there are people that have "step kids" or what have you? Not PiePie. He has children. They are his. He takes care of them. They are ours. And with that, I have been given a child, a daughter. She is also ours and I have free reign with her, as if she were mine. My children all three adore him, love him...but it is mutual. I'd like to think Makayla adores me (mostly) and that feeling is also mutual...and we love each other. A lot.

6. He has given me the gift of his time. He makes time for me. Even in all this craziness we call life, each day, we have time for each other. And we do things together, because no matter who you are, spending time together is essential to any relationship. Don't you agree? He has shared his passions with me, as I have shared mine with him, and together, we have fun with those. We also do the not-so-pleasant things the laundry, making the bed, and dishes. Yep. He does all that. And I *never* ask him to. It is so nice to know that when I come home, things are done...what I don't get done in the morning, he will pick up and finish when he gets home. How can you not love an active husband that will help with the housework? That's what I thought. You have no choice, do you? You *have* to love him.

7. He keeps track of those I love. Most days, he talks to my *other* best friend. If he hasn't heard from her, he asks me about her. Yeah, for real. He keeps track of my sisters, my parents, and my grandparents. How are they? How was that doctor appointment? When can they come and visit? How can we get there to see them? He cares about those I love. Actively.

8. He knows the importance of I love you, and thank you, and I'm sorry, and please. And he uses them. Every day. Nuff said.

9. He loves me just the way I am...quirks and all. Now, this time, I'm not so much talking physically...we touched on that up there. ^^^ This time, I'm talking about the oddnesses that make up who I am. The quirks I have. The flaws I have. The thoughts I share. My hair in the mornings...oh, wait...that is a physical attribute, but if you could see it, it could be a whole nother post on psychology or something. :) But yeah, he takes all those things that are not-so-love-able, and he loves them. Because they are what makes up me.

10. He trusts me. Whole-ly, and completely. Without a doubt. He trusts me more than he trusts anyone in the world. He's let me go places no one else has dared go...he lets me see him. He'll tell you he didn't mean to, and I'll tell you the same, and though we can't explain it, here we are, trusting, understand, getting each other. And, I trust him the same.

I'll stop at might have a cavity by now, reading all that sweet stuff up there, but it's what makes up our friendship, our relationship, our marriage, our lives.

Thank you, Mark Perry, for being the PiePie to my Honey. I love you.

(This is the first photo of the two of us ever taken.)

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  1. I am so happy that you have PiePie and he has you! Happy Anniversary!! and many more! because after all, we all deserve to have love like that ^^^ :)