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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So that photo I took this morning. Yay me...two photos taken the actual day of the blog in a row. Score! I just finished the frame, and I must say...I'm loving it! It will go in my if anyone wants it, better say MEEEE before it's gone.

Now, this morning, I was folding Kate's loot from the GW yesterday, and I felt a post coming on. We all know that I love a bargain. Kate had to have khaki (I NEVER spell that word right...) pants for work, and she said she was going to go shopping for some. You know my shopping spirit went into overdrive RIGHT. THERE. You can't go *shopping* for those unless you go to GW...I *know* you can get them there for $4 a pair or less!!!!! My kids HATE going shopping at GW, because they don't have the patience for it. The never find anything, but it's because they are not looking the right way. In fact, when we went yesterday, Katie went and "looked" but came back with nothing. I'm like I KNOW you can find those here. Let ME look. After flip, flip, flipping through the rack, I guess I came up with about 20 pair for her to try on. No joke. She did find some capris while I was looking, so off she went into the dressing room. She surfaced an hour later with the following: work pants: 2 Hollister, 1 American Eagle, 1 LEI, 1 Rue 21, 1 Old Navy, 1 GAP, 1 Express, and I think three other pair that I'm not remembering. There were 11 pair total. THEN, she got 4 pairs of capris. So, 11 work pants, 4 pairs of capris. Anyone wanna guess what her total was, after tax????? Yeah, you are probably ALL high. It was a whoppin $28.00. Yup. I'm pretty sure she couldn't have gotten 2 pair anywhere new for that price. Maybe a pair and a half. :) She came away a happy girl, and hopefully one with a bit of a different attitude about shopping there, too.

I found a Burberry shirt with the tags still on. A few pillow cases, and I think 6 pair of shorts/capris, and a skirt, and 2 pairs of pants. My total was $22.00.

When are YOU going to go and look around? Be sure to tell me what kind of bargains you find!

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