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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On...well, many things.

First of all, I *just* cleaned off my computer, and every single photo I have of Father-In-Law, Carl, is on a disc in my jewelry box, and I am too sore, tired, and lazy to go and find one. That brings us to the random photo you see below: which is one I found whilst looking for Carl...and while it was the shamrock that originally caught my eye, it was what is underneath the shamrock that my eye finally fell upon. And that, my friends, is the pillow case that was made by me, but every stitch of it, I was thinking particularly about the sister (#2) that blogged for me last night. Reason being: she named her blog by "singing" a stanza (verse? line?) of a song that was sung who knows how many hundreds of thousands of times by our Gramps over the years. I'm always trying to think of the perfect blog name, one that, without a doubt, describes me to a T, somehow or another, but yet it hasn't come. *HERS*, on the other hand, couldn't be perfect-er. (That's twice in a 5-minute timeframe that I have used the "word" perfect-er.) And so it was the photo that I chose to use for the blog post for today. As I am typing this, though, I realize that the words on that pillow case also describe our mother, subject of her post as well. And so, yeah, it fits in that way also. (Am I trying too hard to encourage you to believe that? HA.) On to Carl...he has a shattered hip. He has a broken Femur. He has a broken Pubic bone. (Did we have to learn that one in Science class? Because I sure don't remember it.) He is in pain. He is in traction. They are trying, the team of ortho. doctors, that is, to decide how to fix him. It's not a simple task, especially given that not only is he...well...old and frail, but he has high blood sugar that even with medicines has been running all too high. Did he know this? Nope, because that would involve checking his blood sugar, which is not a practice he has had. (Rest assured, Super Abby is here to make sure he adopts it from now on!) Because of his high blood sugar, his kidneys are not functioning as they should. His potassium level is too high for comfort. (Why has he been taking a potassium pill every day? And is there one or two s's in potas(s)ium?) His heart is less than good. There are a lot of concerns. Please pray, think, worry, or whatever it is that you do for him, for Barbara, for Mark, for Makayla, especially. His healthy directly affects them in ways that it does not affect the rest of the family. Therefore, I need your prayers, because their health and well-being directly affects *me* in ways that does not affect the rest of the family. Then, please pray for the rest of the family! :) There are so many changes that will have to be made in the whole dynamic of this family to pitch in to care for him, for Barbara, and to get all the kids shuttled while keeping everyone cared for. The responsiblitiy here is pretty huge. Not to mention what Carl will be going through. So yes...please lift us up! Now, on to the paperclip...there really is no story, except that any time I see one, as the rest of my sisters will also say, we think of Dad. And we smile. And this one time, I picked it up. Because it was just God's little way of giving me a hug when I needed one, right off the ER parking lot's surface. Who knew that was possible? I do, now!

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  1. Praying Abby. God is in control, Always, as I know you know. He knows how to *fix* Carl, and He will give that wisdom to the doctors. much love my friend.