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Friday, April 1, 2011

5 Extra Years

On April 1, 2006, that's what I was least to date. 5 years. Hopefully 55 years! That's 5 more (or 55 more) than what I should have had. I figure this means that God has some important things for me to do with my life, and I should be vbusy doing them, not sitting back, watching life pass me by. Actively living...that's my goal. Oh - and doing so with a smile. After all...even the worst day is better than no day, right? When you look at it that way, almost everything seems trivial, doesn't it? It also makes doing "trivial" things easy for me to do with joy. Things like dishes, laundry, cooking, seeing the sun in the bright blue sky, feeling its warmth on my face...driving down the highway, listening to the seemingly endless chatter of my Nanna; all of it. Today, my day was just an average day, really...I did all of those things today. I also painted, chatted with my very best friend of all best friends via text, ate a "picnic" lunch with my husband, and made my bed. However, on this day, all of those things I enjoyed as I could not have done previous to that day in 2006. No way, no how. Each April 1 that rolls around kind of puts in perspective to me in an even bigger way that God has allowed me to hang around to enjoy my children and family and friends, and to be a happiness in the days of those around me, lifting up those friends who are hurting or who need a smile, or who don't understand why I'm so happy...hopefully something in my view point will stick with them. I'd like to think so, anyways. I'm by no means Ms. Happy. I'm by no means anything of and example I would recommend for anyone to look up to. But I'd like to think that I am mostly happy and uplifting to those around me. :) And, probably this is when I start chasing my tail and rambling, so this is probably (most likely) the time that I should close my post and just say that I am thankful for this life I live, and thankful to the Lord that has allowed me to be here, just a bit longer, to enjoy this world and the people in it that He has made.

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  1. I remember this all too well Abby. I'm so glad you were gifted and have gifted us so with your love, vibrance and the joy you spread just with a smile.