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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pattern Mixing.....Try It!

So this is not a post for those who are *ahem* of the "monochromatic" favoritist group, or for those who are faint of heart when it comes to their clothing and decorating likes. :0) (Love you, *M*!)

This post is born from the idea that I would discuss with your our furniture. Furniture? Yes, dear reader, furniture. PiePie and I have two pieces of furniture from our gallavanting days of yardsales last summer. We have Chair and Rocker. Both have a lot of personalities; far more than their names portray, I'm quite certain. Chair has been loved for almost a whole year now by my back side, daily. Rocker has not been loved by us yet. Rocker was not in the condition to be loved until he's fixed.

Today, Honey got the bright idea that she and PiePie should make a trip to visit Michael and Miles (I'd insert link here if I knew it, but you can find them on Facebook by looking for "Michael's Cover Up" and friending them....) to look through the store full of fabric, color, pattern, and texturey goodness. Trust you me, they have allllll of the above in abundancy. After much deliberation and conversation, PiePie and Honey decided on the fabrics in the photo below. We came to this conclusion by finding something that a: we both could live with, and b: could withstand a few years of grimy hands x 37. (That's a lotta hands, folks.)

I think we have decided that both Chair and Rocker will be sporting both Rooster and Geo in some form or fashion. PiePie is not yet aware that Honey is planning to find a third fabric and pattern to use as draperies when he moves out his big man tv. Shhhh....don't tell him. (He is reading over my shoulder.....)

So, I was thinking that sharing the fabric with you would be the extent of this post, but then, as I was cleaning out my photos off my phone (errrr....all nearly 800 of them) I found the one below of yours truly at work one day this month. And knowing I was on the subject today of patterns and mixing....I thought it was worthy of being shared as well. Doncha think? :)

PS....PiePie consented to this French-ish fabric "on account of it has a Rooster on it". Isn't he just so lovable? I think I'll keep him.

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  1. that rooster fabric has a bit of "toile" feel to it. I love to see patterns mixed I'm just not always the best at mixing them myself, lol.