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Monday, February 21, 2011


No one can be uncheered by a balloon. ~Winnie the Pooh (Or sisters. ~Me) Sooooo, as I posted this morning on Facebook, I was awakened by a kiss from my favorite four-year-old....right on the tip of my nose. How could it get any better, I ask you!?!?!? For breakfast, we had cake, left over from the bridal show put on by Wilson Living magazine, thanks to Publix. And we played with balloons. And THEN....drum roll, please....we went to work on my little dream-come-true....which is different than the dream I've BEEN working on. This dream is the one that I gave you the owl-y hint about. I'm still not quite ready to unveil. We're getting close.

The middle of my day was pretty stinky. I'm pretty sure *someone* woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and try as I might, I was not able to remain a cheerful person, especially since I was tired and sore when I woke up anyways. This is beginning to sound like complaining, so I will move on to the other highlight of my day....

As we were out today running errands, I received a phone call from the younger sister asking if we would be home this afternoon because she thought they would venture over to our house in Beth of Page. You know the one....the one I fondly refer to as "Perry's Paradise"...but that Anna referred to today as "PiePie's Paradise". I think they are interchangeable, don't you? And so I said of COURSE we were going to be at home this afternoon, and so they came to play. We had a lot of fun cramming in a lot of conversation into a little amount of time, and topped off the visit with Publix cake, grilleld garlic bread, and Italian sausage. In that order. It's a long story. :)

Looking forward to more dream-realizing tomorrow...doesn't that sound much more fun than the word "work"? I thought so, too.

(There are photos to come of today, but I am way too lazy tonight to put them on the computer, so they will remain in my camera for now.)

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