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Sunday, February 13, 2011

...and it was a good day.

One of our favorite things to do is find little hole-in-the-wall-type places to hunt for treasure. We think treasure hunting is probably Heaven's first cousin. :) Last year on Valentine's Day (which we don't so much participate in), we happened to be in Bowling Green (I think we were shopping for my netbook) and on the way home, we stopped at a little "flea market" that we know of, and we ate at a catfish restaurant called Harpers. (It used to be a pay lake, I believe, but that was "back in the day".) Soooo, when THIS year came around, we decided to "celebrate" Valentine's Day by doing the same, minus the netbook shopping. I have two favorite parts of the day: waking up and laying in bed just an extra 10 minutes talking, and going to bed, and falling asleep talking. I think I love these two times the best because it is the only two times in a typical day that while we are at home, we are alone. I'm not complaining by any means, but it is very hard to have a conversation with 12,000 other people being around, texting, and calling. Today started off just right because I got that time, but instead of 10 minutes, it was probably closer to 30.

After the lounging/talking part, I was able to talk to Kate for a bit, alone, which, again, is a very treasured time that doesn't happen often enough. Gotta love my Kate time. :)

We both were excited that today was a day that we *needed* our sunglasses. Sunshine is just plain good! :) Got to slip out and go for our now-traditional meal....all-you-can-eat catfish for PiePie while Honey gets the butterfly shrimp. Yummmmmmeeeeeeeee!

Shopping was in store for us after eating, and we slowly perused the booths of treasures we had not visited in quite some time. Many good finds later, we were on our way home.....after stopping at another "flea market". Sunglasses, backroads, a bit of conversation, some good doesn't get too much better than that!

However...if you add a caramel sundae to the mix, it does get better. Especially when it is shared.

Next came the unloading part, the cleaning of the front porch, and much enjoyment of sunshine.

A visit to see the grand baby, including PiePie, Honey, and Sally Sue (aka B. Nanna) was next, and Honey was able to hold him and rock him and let him sleep on her lap. This made Honey happy.

Upon returning home yet again, PiePie and Honey went through their purchases and showed them all to Kevin, who enjoyed seeing their finds.

Movies were next on their list of to-do items for the day. While Kate and Nanna watched movies in Kate's room (and promptly fell asleep), PiePie, Honey, Kevin, and Makayla tuned into a couple of movies. Honey was able to make a garden full of flowers whilst "watching" the movies, and as she types, she has hot glue ALLLLL over her fingers.

As she types, Honey is sitting next to PiePie, her personal heater, while she types, because she is very very cold.

Yes, it doesn't get much better than this. It WAS a good day. :0)

***Photos of today's events will be posted, but Honey is sleepy and has to get up early in the morning, so it will have to wait until another day.***

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