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Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Day, Part Two

So, the best part of today was spending it with the PiePie and the Nanna, and then family dinner. Oh, wait. I told a fib. The BEST part of the day was walking around with an awesome new haircut...3.5 months later. Color me happy.

So, the PiePie, and the Nanna, and I went for the haircut, after sleeping in a bit, then to KMart for new shoes for Anna (that promptly fell apart and will be taken back in the morning, shame!), and then we had Chinese buffet for lunch. (And I wonder why I keep gaining weight???) While I was getting my hair cut, Anna came in with a card and a rose for me, alllll from her (with a little help from the PiePie). She was so very proud. She's growing up tooooo quickly.

When we got home, I opened the doors and windows and cranked up the stereo while I did a bit of picking up and putting away and cleaning. This allowed me to enjoy the sunshine, even though I was not able to be outside to enjoy it better.

We had valentines for all....sugary marshmallow goodness ones....yes, I took photos. And we had grilled burgers, dogs, and brats as well as chips, a shrimp platter, and the yummy cookies with the cool little heart sprinkle confetti on top. We ahd lots of conversation, and were sad that Meg, Addi, and Gatlin are sick with the flue and couldn't make it. Had they been here, we would have ALL been here. Boo!

After dinner, we kept Kalani while his mom and dad went to eat. (They're nuts!) :) I made more flowers, too, throughout the day, and now, I will be heading to bed. I've posted just two photos I took today, and I have not done any editing to them yet, but you know my rule.....

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