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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photo Fun

So I had an idea (again) about a post, and I loaded some photos on the computer for another post, and then, I am posting a bunch of photos that are none of the above. Go figure. I'm pooped tonight after meeting a ton of neato peeps at the flea market today, and I have to get ready for work tomorrow and get my (our) life back in order for this week. Good thing *he* likes to help keep the house and laundry up. I think I shall keep him. :) On Friday, when I was supposed to be at the flea market, I was out running and working on that dream. I promise the photos will be here fairly soonish. So, since I was working on the dream instead of selling fleas, I got to have breakfast with two of my favorite people....the PiePie and the Nanna. (As if I had to tell you.)
I found this in my perusings on the internet this week. Isn't it superb??? It is made from an actual pool ball. It looks a bit thickish to me for my comfort, and at $55, it wasn't going to be mine, but considering how I love the number 6, if I *had* the extra money to throw away, I do think I would throw it towards this beauty. Just because.

Next thing I would throw it at would be these awesome-cool shoes. Lookie at the baseball stitches on them!!!!! *love*

You maybe have seen Alyssa before. Kate made her last year in Art. I love her so very much. I tried to get her to make another, but she just couldn't seem to make it work, so I enjoy this one as much as possible. I added the matt for the frame and the words....Kate made the actual girl from magazines. She's far better up close and personal. Alyssa, that is.

Every time I see a 6, I try to snap a pic and send it to my son. I wish I had a photo album of all of them that I've seen over the years. That would be a fun collection, wouldn't it? This one was at the mill last week. You should have seen R's face when I was walking through the muddy mulch to snap an up-close photo of this little woolly friend. Ha.
The flea market was a learning experience this month, for sure. I managed to pull rent out of the last two hours of the show, and that is a very good thing. I also managed to make some way-cool friends and contacts, and I got some uplifting that was much-needed. Yesterday was a very bad day. I'm not one to give up often, but yesterday, I must admit that I sat there and felt sorry for myself. Today, I went in with the attitude that I was going to have a better day. Good thing I'm stubborn like that. :)
I'm tired, and everything is irritating me tonight, so I am going to curl up on the couch with PiePie and go to sleep very shortly. Tomorrow is a good day, right? Right.

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