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Friday, February 25, 2011

Blankety Blank Blank

That is my mind right now. I sit down to write, and I have all these great ideas, and then they just go....somewhere. I dunno where. I wish I did so I could have them come back. But alas, I don't.

Let's see. When I lack for things to do, you know that I end up doing something silly like telling you what all I've done all day, even though you really don't care what I did all day long, and something witty would be better.

I actually had a very productive day, and that is an awesome thing. (Especially since I didn't go to bed last night until about 1:30.) I got to have breakfast with two of my favorite people....the Nanna and the PiePie. Went to work on th dream that is becoming a reality....I will be sharing that soooooon. Went to Wal Mart for things like pillows for the flea market and dogfood...necessities. Among other necessities was liquid Band-Aid for the PiePie, who is *not* an electrician, and some sort of antacid stuff for me, because my "insurance" will not pay for me to have the drug that helps me with the fibro. So I have to buy the two components that make up that drug separately, and they are known for tummy troubles. I can see why.

On a side note...piggapancake...Jennifer Aniston is on my TV at the's TV.....and let me just say that in whatever it is she is playing on, she is beautiful. I don't think that so much in some newer things that she's done, but in this one, she still looks...soft???...and she has always had great hair.

Now, back to the day. After getting home from necessity shopping, I had to get ready for the flea market that I did not attend today because I had too many other things to do to get ready for it, and life got in my way. I am very proud to announce that in light of the new, outrageous gas prices, I decided I was going to MAKE everything fit in the two-door Honda Civic, and I DID IT. Yes, I did :) Go, Me. I do admit taht probably most of that happening is strictly because PiePie told me it could not be done, and that is just the absolute wrong thing to say to me 99% of the time.

Poor Katie's room is a disaster, war-torn-looking area. That WAS. You see, I've learned something about myself. If all is not right in my world, I start cleaning. If you see me cleaning, and really concentrating on my cleaning, you better watch out. I've only just noticed this about myself in the last year or so...but then, everything else has changed in that amount of time, too, so why not? Anywhoooo, Kate's room is free of all of the junk that did not qualify as hers, and you can now see her floor and her dresser tops. This is very exciting news. She will think she is at the wrong place when she gets home tonight from work! Maybe I should warn her first. :)

After that, I then went into MY bedroom and started cleaning. I picked up all 12 pairs of my boots and shoved them under my bed....just like a 13-year-old....but it was a place that they could fit and be out of sight. We just have too much stuff for such a small space. I cleaned up all my jewelry, did the laundry, and folded my socks. I hate folding socks, so this is something to write down in the history book. In truth, I must say that the reason I folded them is because there are none left in my drawers-of-plenty. I had no choice. There you have it.

Let's see....I also made some hair ribbons for the flea market that are of the Leprechan nature. They are cute, but then, last month, I didn't even sell ONE hair ribbon, so who knows? Months before, that's been what has paid the rent. Go figure.

I have accomplished allllll of these things WITH the Nanna in tow. NOT an easy feat for anyone who has the "help" of a four-year-old, but then, spending the day with her is something that happens all too rarely these days, so I'll take it.

Now, I have to start sewing on some Alabama and Vandy cases for the flea market that were special requests. There's no minute like the last minute! (And I wonder why PiePie told me I had too much going on at once?????)

Now I have to go and find a photo to go with the post.....that one up there ^^^^^^^^^^^ ought to worok. It says something like "Today is a Gift". Which is true. So is bed time. :) It's almost here!

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