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Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh- Did I tell you???

See that light pole....the one down there that is in two pieces? Yes? My son did that. He did that with his Pa's Explorer. He is A-OK, minus the humiliation and the fact that he totaled the car his dad needed to run the mail route. All I'm saying is that two totals from two children in less than a month is enough to destroy the nerves of even those made of steel. Trust me...I should know. :) I'm just glad we have a few years before Makayla and Anna can drive. PiePie says he is going to get them both a car and just ask them to go barge a tree down with it right off, get the total out of the way, and THEN get them a real car...get it over with first thing. I'm thinking an Army tank would suffice.


  1. I'll try commenting again. Perseverence is the key.

  2. Perseverence is the key to so many things, eh?