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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spreading Sunshine....

So, this morning while waiting at the doctor's office, I drew on the paper that you sit on. Weird, maybe. Entertaining? Yes. Spreading sunshine? Literally, yes. Figuratively, I hope so.

Tonight, the thing that keeps coming to my mind to blog about is a few fundamentals that all of human kind should know about. Let's meet them. Ready? We shall begin.

Our first fundamental friend is called "I Love You". These three words can never be overused, so long as they are said from the heart. And, else would you say them? So, the rule of thumb here for this friend of ours is that if you think it, feel free to say it.

The second friendy friend we have here should be called "I'm Sorry". This is actually a friend that can be overused, but rarely. The profuse apologizer is the friend that we don't want so know the one...I'm sorry the sky is blue, I'm sorry that I just said I'm wears on you. BUT...rarely is there a time that you can say these words (unless you are the profuse apologizer, in which case you need to go to apologizer therapy, perhaps...) too often. Normally, the time when this should be your friend is when it stinks the most to have to say it, because you know you should. However, again, if spoken with love to someone you love, the friend is less bitter to have in your circle. Never hesitate to speak the words that our friendy friend number two has to offer....because if you are wrong, you should say so, and then move on. Right? (And sometimes, both parties can be wrong, in which case an "I'm sorry" begets an "I'm sorry". And though if you are the wronged one and you are not waiting on an apology, it is still nearly always good to hear that someone acknowledges that they hurt you and that they are regretful of the situation. Did I chase my tail enough about this friend? I'm sure I could go on....but I'll spare you.

Next on our list is the very important friend called "Thank You". I am hard pressed to think of a time when "Thank You" is not appropriate. Sometimes, even a cheeky "Thank You" can be appropriate. I really have a huge problem with those who cannot or do not utter these words. One of my proudest mommy moments is when Anna was not even two, but she knew how to say "Thank You" and did so with gusto, taught by her older brother and sister. I've rarely had to remind my children of this, and again, I will say it is a proud mommy moment. (Anna even thanked me for giving her a bath last night.) :)

Last on our list this evening, but not least, guessed it...."Please". Anyone, I dare say, always, I dare say, will be more willing to do things for you, with you if you use our friend, "Please". It's just polite, so why not?

I'm sure there are other friends we could add, but this is my list of my four best friends in the world of human kind 101.

And I will now step down off my soap box and return to my stitching.

That's all. Good night! :)

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