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Friday, January 21, 2011

Plant Kindness...Harvest Love

This is a little corner of our the bathroom, actually. This morning, for some reason, it caught my eye, so I went and got the phone and snapped a pic to share on my blog. See? I'm getting back in the blogging mode...slowly but surely. Maybe it was the sister's post about blooming and growing yesterday that made me notice it; I don't know. (You can view her bloggy here: ; she ever-so-reluctantly was a great sport {what a contradiction} and said she would *try* to post every day this year with me. I think she will last longer than I will...we shall see.) ANYWAYS.....after I snapped the pic, I was speaking to the Pops on the telly-talker and we hashed out all the problems of the world...and did a bit of talking about the blogs we have, and Boo's post from yesterday came up was just. that. good. SOOOOOoooooOOOOoooooo....I am going to leave you with that today, and just direct you over to her blog so you can check out what she said. :)

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