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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

His, Hers, and Ours....

So, yesterday I promised you photos of our home....and here are a few I found on the computer....I think we've done a good job of combining our things and making it work...

Below, you can see the vintage sign replicas that he had before I was around....and the flag that I picked up on a trip to Minnesota. Also, you'll see the copper sampler on the wall and the brown cookie jar that we picked up on one of our garage sale outtings over the summer. Hodge podge? Yes. Perfectly mitchy-matchy? In my opinion, yes. Below, you'll see a rooster that he possessed, the "a" and "m" that I swiped from the house that's not my house any more, and the vintage tin flowers that we purchased when we were in the mountains this last spring. And that's us, having fun in Talladega.
We found the wooden tinker toys at Home Goods (the donuts) and at the flea market where our friend, Jimmy, gave me a super deal on the duck that waddles when you pull him around the room. The glass jar used to house my buttons, but Kevin and Wyatt kept knocking them over (as well as the plant that used to reside there), so its emptiness begged for his baseball collection to be added. The grandkids love playing with the wooden toys. :)

Below, we have a photo frame we picked up somewhere, which houses a photo of the grandbaby...the rump end of a fun little wooden folky sheep that we picked up somewhere, too, and cute little chickie couple, I think given to us by Malinda. (???)

I really like the photo below. These were in his possession before I came along...and I do believe they were his brother's. I don't want to ask him and make him sad....but I'm about 98% positive on that one.

So, there you have it....just a few examples of how we have combined our things to make our home ours, comfortable, and inviting. :)
Happy Almost-Friday!

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