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Sunday, January 23, 2011


So, I'm telling Mother that she needed to get blue beads for one of the sisters, because said sister likes to wear bluejeans, and blue goes with bluejeans; therefore, it goes with anything. And Anna pipes up and says, "And black, Mom! Black goes with anything!!!!" She was so proud.

Now, As I sit here typing, she belts out, "Nationwide is on your side!!!" And to think there are those that don't believe that music makes you smarter. Hi-rumph.
In other news, I was able to bring home this "Welcome" sign hand-stitched by mi Madre' at Christmas, and also a housey one that I love. (Pix of that saved for a later date...) And then, today, I got a fun surprise....she made me a bracelet. Not just ANY bracelet, either. Nope, no way. This one was the FIRST one she made...and she picked the oh-so-yummy beads out JUST for me. Wanna make a girl feel special? Just make her a bracelet! :) I'm impressed because she actually wired the beads together to make it....I'll show you photos later...I tried to get some tonight, but it's just too dark and you can't see it well. At any rate, it made my day. Thanks, Ma.
One other fun thing that happened today is that I got a random "thank you" from someone that was very special to me....and as we all know....THANK YOU is a good friend of mine. :)
I'm watching the Jets with PiePie, making rosettes out of vintage scarves for the store, hoping the jets win, listening to Anna talk to me.....

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