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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Doing Good....

Recently, there is a certain individual who shall remain nameless that has supported me and helped me through a lot of things, no questions asked, no expectations of a repayment plan in sight. Today, said person called to share with me some more news that was awesome to the nines and I decided as I was hanging clothes this evening that I knew that it must be the topic of today's blog....doing good...not because we *should*, but rather, because we *can*, and even better yet, because we *want* to. Because when we give with a cheerful heart, out of love, and because we can and want to...I think sometimes it is the giver who is just as much (or possibly more) blessed than the receiver. Kapish? I think sometimes, being the receiver gracefully is as much a thank you as can be put into words, too...I know I have told people that on numerous occassions...and sometimes, it is way easier to preach than to do...but then, that is with a lot of things in life, no?, I was left being thankful for said person(s) on yet another level of goodness...and probably when I didn't really think that there was another level of goodness that could be reached by this person(s)....because in this instance, this "person" is in all actuality 2 people, even though I see them as one....which is a huge compliment....means that they must be doing something right, huh? I should think so. I only hope (and I do believe) that PiePie and Honey love each other and time together as these in 5 years...10 years....50! (Or more....) I will say again that I am very blessed to be loved by this couple, and I only hope to be able to give so freely of myself and my belongings, support, and love as much as they have given to me....thank you, you who know who you are.

So this evening, as I reflect on the day, the past, and the future, I vow to do unexpected, nice things for those I love, and perhaps those I don't really care for so much, because a kind word and a gentle touch and an act of love can never be a bad thing. And...I will challenge you to do a kind thing, too, for there can never been too many kind things done!

Happy Tuesday!

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