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Monday, January 31, 2011


everyone has one. Not everyone knows they have one....but if you have two or more of any one thing (and I use "thing" loosely) then you have a collection. It seems that we here at Perry's Paradise have taken on collecting Boxers, only ours tend to be the living, breathing kind. Oh. And the eating kind. Don't let that escape your attention. Folks. Boxers eat a lot of food. A. LOT. of. FOOD. You can imagine my delight at this rather extensive, yet smallish, collection of Boxer-y dogs I found at the antique store next door to the Crystal Couture store on a little break I took with LouAnn one day....can something be rather extensive, yet smallish? I vote yes. What do you collect? Please leave a comment and tell me. Or if you are like the rest of the world and can't leave a comment, I'd say you could tell me that, too, only you would have to leave a comment to tell me, which isn't working out so well for the entire population of the three readers that come here regularly. Hi-rumph to you, Blogger. You can always email me at and comment that way....especially if you can't seem to comment any other way. :)

1 comment:

  1. I collect kids.....okay, so not really although I do have two or more of them! :-) I actually collect cows. Mary Moo Moo's to be exact! I love them!