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Monday, March 21, 2011


(You can't tell, but this would be PiePie carrying the whole 1/3 or so of the swingset to the truck from the people's yard that we purchased it...PiePies are handy people to know.)

what a productive day I had today! Even with having Kaylee and Anna here, I was able to get a few things done for this coming weekend, which would be the flea market in Nashville.

First of all, I was able to sleep until a little almost-5-year-old nose was bunny kissing me at almost-9:00! Score! What a fabulous way to start the day!

Next, I had a very nutritious breakfast...brownies, left over from Kate's late-night craving last night. I was also able to enjoy this breakfast with said bunny-kisser above.

After that, we looked out the window to see what was different, and we were able to come to the conclusion that it *had* to be the large swing set in the back yard...the perfect birthday present for any almost-5-year-old, no?

Kaylee came to play after that, and since she is scared of our doggers and because Anna's ear is still border-line well, we stayed indoors most of the day, enjoying the sunshine from the house. While the girls played and colored, I painted one three-shelf bookshelf (all shelves) and also one round end table. I would be happy to show them to you except Gmail is being its normal self, and it will not load for me. Boo!

This evening, PiePie and I enjoyed a real, cooked meal...we had sauteed shrimp and mushrooms with wild rice, cauliflower, and well...that's it. It was good. It was what we had available. was quick.

Next, we spent the remainder of the evening outside, working, working, working, and working. We finished the Nanna Baby's swing set since we lacked a few bolts and such yesterday to make it to PiePie's safety standards, and then we went to the garage. While PiePie worked on his trailor, I worked on an old, yucky end table. Yesterday, it was a dingy, old brown thing, sitting on Lindsey's porch. I saw it, called her on the spot, and asked her if I could have it, to which she was more than willing to reply YES, because she wanted it off her porch. When she sees it now, I think she will be sad she gave it up...PiePie says I can only sell it if I get $50.00 out of it because he likes it that much. Again, I'll show photos when gmail decides to work. After I painted, stained, and put a poly coat on the end table, I started in on the next project: a telephone stand that had seen its better days...or so it would seem. I sanded, I used PiePie's muscles (and his nail gun), and I sanded some more. Then, I primed. Tomorrow will be the fun part...deciding the right shade of paint, and seeing the end product.

Tonight, I also made some plain, old, brown candle sticks into some real beauties...we now have a pink pair, and a red one. I want to keep all this stuff that I am working on! It's way too cool!

On the horizon is a pair of end tables, some TV trays, another 3-shelf bookshelf, a couple of chairs, a set of four chairs, a child's rocking chair, an old, full-sized mirror, a dressing table, and who knows what else is out there....lots of fun nights with the PiePie are coming up! So glad that it is summertime now!

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