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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busy! So busy!

So, I've painted and painted over the last few days. I've completed a little square table and a chair. I have another table that is complete except I don't like it yet, so I'll be adding more to it, no doubt. I also have another chair almost finished, and while I like it, it didn't turn out in real life like it did in my head. Bummer when that happens. And...I had a custom request to paint a three-tiered cupcake stand for a baker-friend of mine. I will be sharing her information on here when I post the finished photo. I've also done laundry, dishes, cooked supper (I even remembered how!!!) and many other things, and all whilst entertaining the Nanna. She has had, as you know, a very bad ear infection. It amazes me that she knows when she needs her medicine, and she knows which one she needs. Also, she takes allll of that medicine that is really nasty all by herself, and is so proud to be a big girl about it. I, for one, am certainly very proud of her. I'm sharing with you the flower that we drew while waiting for our good friend, Dr. Kastner. He's saved the day for us on so many occassions...I feel very lucky and blessed to have a Christian doctor who cares as much as he does for my childrenn that has their health in his hands. I'll be falling asleep tonight in my comfy bed beside my own personal heater very shortly.

Happy Tuesday!

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