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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A First for Anna

Maybe you can't tell, but she is showing you her {very expensive} new bracelet that was "purchased" today. It would be none other than a hospital band. Yep, she had to go to the ER, because NO ONE that was open on a Sunday would see her with the type of insurance that she has. How's THAT for crazy, huh? I'm sure you are wondering why she had to go, right? Last week, as you know, she had th croup and was pretty sick with that. Apparently all that junk decided to go to her ear canal and settle, giving her one terrific ear infection. She screamed for hours this morning and afternoon until she could be seen, poor baby. She is doing much better now, thanks, except for I think she is allergic to something that she was prescribed, and as strange as it may sound, that something could ONLY be the Amoxil. Weird, eh? So that would be the first. The first time she has had to take an anitbiotic. This is also the first time that we couldn't take her to see Dr. Fisher when she has been ill, and I do fully believe if we could have, she would not need them now, either. So, there you have it...a busy day for the Nanna. A trip to the hospital, itchy itchy itchy medicine, and hopefully, on the way to mending and being as good as new.

What kind of adventures did YOU have this beautiful Sunday? I hope they weren't quite as adventurous as the Nanna's were.

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