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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I wasn't there....

but this is *close* to better. Let me explain:

This was their first "game" of the season; a scrimmage against Portland. It was cold, and the forecast said rain. Anna has the croup. All that mixed together is a recipe for Mom staying at home with the baby. I felt a tad bit sorry for myself, but then, not really, since sitting around and loving on Sicky Pants was at the top of the agenda. (And if you know me at know that *nothing* is at the top of the agenda when there is a baseball game.) Imagine my delight to find out that I could see the highlights of Kevin's hand in the game from the comfort and warmth of my own house!!!! Hmmmm....I think that is quite a dealio!!!!!

And...not because I am bragging, but because I think it is cool...this is the first year that Coach Troutt is the head baseball coach. We foresee many awesome years to come under his supervision as he is full of knowledge and love for the sport. This was the first game that he coached as head coach, and Kevin was his first baserunner of his first game as head coach. How cool is that!?!!?!

It's funny how these years seemed so far away when he was 3 feet tall, playing tee ball...and here he is, Junior year, starting for the high school team! Where did all the time go?!?!? I have to dig out the photos of him sliding, just like those above, determination on his, how I love thee!

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