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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just nothing.

I thought I would share the awesomest of all awesome pillow cases that I've done...this one was for Anna, and it was the start of the pillow case madness that has become my passion and my passtime. Just thought I'd share so there was a photo for today. In other news, I am painting a bookshelf that I will likely sell when it is complete, if I can bring myself to part with it. Already, I have spent a good 10 hours on it, and its nowhere near done. Crazy, I know.

I worked on it last night and tonight while watching IDOL, where I am happy to report that my very top picks made it, and I could really care less about the others. :/

Um....I was going to post a photo of sugar skulls as my post today, because I am wearing a too-fun necklace, thanks to the Crystal Couture store, and it is of the sugar skull variety. I am uber excited to wear this piece. :) Maybe I'll take a photo and share it someday, when the blogging bug comes back to visit me.

That's all for tonight, folks.

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