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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Grandma Said....

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness." I remember her saying this more than once. And I concur. Today, I spent cleaning the bathroom and bedroom. I feel so much better knowing it is done. Funny how just knowing something exists can cause you such stress and energy.

Something about a freshly made bed (again, something that Grandma always had), and in my case, one with mismatched sheets and pillow cases (the more the merrier), makes me extremely happy. Another happiness to me is laying down every night next to my very best friend, and falling asleep talking about the day. Mushy, maybe. True, yes.

On the burner for tomorrow is the kitchen and the living room, some re-decorating, just for fun, and some painting with the Nanna. We also have to make a field trip to the grocery store and we want to fix supper...complete with desert. We have high hopes...we'll see what actually gets done. My thinking is finish the house, then on Thursday (next day off), we can do the grocery and the antique booth. Plans around here are non-existent, though, so we'll see. (Existant? I dunno right now.)

I think tomorrow in bloggy land, I'll take you on a trip to the Nashville flea market, and share with you a few things I would have liked to purchase had I had the extra dough.

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