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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Favorites

I'm fairly certain that at least where pairs of pillow cases are concerned, these are my all-time favorite ones. I was giggling as I made up our bed this evening, because guess who doesn't have a single stitched pillow case to their name????? guessed it. ME! I should clarify....some of my favorite pillow cases are the pair my mom made me years ago with flowers embroidered on them, and then one that Jessica made me years ago, too, with a pretty purple flower patch on it. Then, of course, I have some vintage ones that are just way awesome, but I do not have a single case that I've made. I guess because if you make it for yourself, the value of it is just not the same.
I've made a case for Anna with a huge, beautiful rose on it, and it resides here in our home, but it is not mine. I've made one for Kevin. I have not made Makayla or Katie their own yet. And I think I will make a set for the camper that are special for us to have....and maybe, just maybe, at some point in time, I will make another set similar to the one above for us to have, just because I like them that much.
Again, I have not words...or no brain with which to write the words roaming in my brain, so I am signing off with yet another lame-o post. I'll get there, and I thank you for hanging in there with me until I do. Gracias.

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