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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Riddle...

What do you get when you send a PiePie and a Nanna on a date for some Guinneas???
Flowers, of course! And we know what FLOWERS make!!!!
They make SMILES!
A few other items of interest about this date:
While they were able to wrangle 6 birds, there is still one on the loose. Anna cannot for the life of her remember what they are called, so she keeps referring to them as "them chicken thAngs".
Little girls who go on dates with PiePies come home with blue lips, and huge smiles. (There also might be a blue Gatorade lagging behind the lips and smiles....)
After the lagging Gatorade, the PiePie will come, trying to hide *his* excitement at helping the little one "buy" a big ole flower for her Mommy.
Just for the record, I'll be keeping them both around for a long time. (And the flower, too.)

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