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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the topic of rain...

You may already know this, and my Ranch kids would laugh at me, but then it rubbed off on them....but I start a LOT of sentences with, "Well, at least....." and rainy days are one of the days where I can say that because............

on rainy days, at least you get to use an umbrella and wear cute rain boops! There's something about umbrellas that intrigue me. I bet I have 100 photos saved on my computer that are based on them, and I have a huge poster that is framed that now hangs on Kate's wall. It used to be in my classroom.

It's funny that I get excited about umbrellas, because I rarely ever use one. Reason being: I always seem to get wetter WITH one than without. But something about them is a little mysterious, somewhat cheerful, and definitely pleasing to my eye.

You can see my umbrella above...not my favorite, but on clearance at Target so it became mine....what's your umbrella look like?

Happy (rainy) Tuesday!


  1. Your umbrella suits you though. I was happy to get to wear my multi-colored polka dot rain boots today too. My umbrella is a clear one shaped like a bell so it's hard to share with peeps, but I stay really dry. Picked it up at Target.

  2. I have one of those, too, from Tar-jay...only mine has polka dots, too. And yes, it is hard to share!!!

  3. Guess what? Your monochromatic friend has a pretty purple umbrella that is just perfect for sharing. :)

  4. Then, I will come and see my Monochromatic Friend when it rains so she can share her 'brella with me! :) XOXOX