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Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Under the Wire....

I know where this photo came from because *I* took it. :) I normally have to purchase things I find in four's because there are 4 of us sisters. These owls were no exception. They reside on the mantle in our living room.

Soooo....Abby's not got her groove back exactly yet. It's been a very busy week! (This is a good thing!!!) I'm just now, at 11:20, finishing the things that absolutely *must* be done in order for tomorrow to happen.....and the list for the rest is very very long. So much to do, so little time. I do love that I had three "Wednesdays" this week...and I get three of them next week, too. It feels really good to dress up, except for the part where I can't fit in any of my clothes and my feet ache because they are not used to wearing shoes. This, too, shall pass!!!!!

Today is my sister's birthday....the one who so very graciously reminds me to blog when it's 11:00 and i haven't done it yet....thanks, Sister!!!!! :) I hope your day was the bestest, and I look forward to getting to spend time with you SOON. It's been farrrrr too long. (I know you already know this.) I love you, Sister!!

It was really nice to be around people today. Dare I say it makes me miss my front lobby? Naw...because then I wouldn't have made my new friend and wouldn't get to sift my fingers through jewels for something that is wrongly labeled "work".

And just in case you ever needed to know....the thing that flaps its wings and watches over you from the sky is an "AnGEL". The thing that can be either Right, Obtuse, or Acute is an "AnGLE". There IS a different, folks. Just in case you ever wondered......

Happy Friday.


  1. :) Love the owls! I got new stuff for photoshop with my birthday money! :) :) :) Hoping Anna will take pictures for me during thanksgiving?????? Love ya!