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Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Days Hath November....

I've read that it takes 17 repetitions of doing any given thing to make it a habit. If there are 30 days in the month, and I blog each one of them, I'll almost be creating the habit twice, which, given my blogging history as of late, can't be a bad thing. Soooooo....I hereby pledge to blog EACH and EVERY day of November, come Hell or high water. :0) Think I can? I do...I'm pretty stubborn, especially when I make my intentions, we'll see.
Now, the big issue today is Self-centered? I dunno. Call it what you will, but I'm going to take a vote. I'm trying hard to grow out the hair that was so graciously turned into underwear elastic about a year ago by my hairdresser. (Is that an old lady term? Should I say "beautician" to be more hip and with it? Like you say "purse" or "bag" now instead of "pocketbook"?????) So, I'm going to put two photos on here and take votes.
On the topic of voting, I was reminded today that there is no school tomorrow, because it is *finally* election day!!!!! Ya'll...that means no more of those hokey pokey ads every time you turn around...(said in my best parrot voice)..."I approve this message!!!" *Insert rolling eyeballs here.*
Now, back to voting and how it applies to yours truly. I need to know the following, and EVERY opinion counts, so be sure to leave yours, OK?

1: Blonde or Brown?
2. Short or long?
Put your vote in, and I will put the results up tomorrow...on Election Day.


  1. woooohooo!!!! so far it looks like I win! :) :) :)

  2. do have a point. At least one person loves me enough to care about my hair do!