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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Amia Turns One.

Ok, like always, I rotated the photo, but alas! Blogger hates me. Isn't she the cutest? One of the fun things that has happened to me over the last year is that I have met tons of new people. A lot of the people I have met are some that I knew existed, and I may have even known their names, or who they were related to...but I didn't *know* them. Others, I've had the pleasure of meeting because my life took a different turn and I have been at places to have the opportunity to meet others that perhaps I never would have had if my life had stayed on the same track it was on. Heather and Jacob, parents of cute lil Amia up there are among those I have met and love! I felt very honored to get to create some fun overalls for her to wear for her first birthday party, farm animal style. Isn't she adorable? She really makes those overalls look cute, doesn't she? :)
Another person (or family) I have had the pleasure to come to know and love is the Holmes family. This family has quickly become my family, due to PiePie's closeness to them. It's nice to know you have those people that you can call at any time (like when you are precaroiusly atop a large stump IN the Expedition) and they will come and help you...and chastise you later. :) This family has had a lot of heartache over the last year...and this week has been one of the hardest for them. They have suffered a huge loss, and their minds are not wrapping around that or the circumstances at all. Please, if you are a pray-er, pray for them. Lift them up with your thoughts. If you are local, stop at the funeral home and donate...they need your love, but they also need your money to help with expenses. Know that they are humbled by the outpouring of love that has been shown to them over the last few days. Say a special prayer for Jamie....he needs it. Pray that PiePie can be strong for him over the next weeks and months to come. Pray that PiePie also can have some healing from his loss through the experience of being Jamie's rock. Please, and thank you, friends.
A long-time friend of mine, Chase, will also be needing some thoughts and prayers today as he is his best friend's pall bearer. Please pray that he can be as strong as he knows he can be can't hurt him to know you are thinking of him today as well. Chase is a son of mine, and let me just take this opportunity to tell you how stinking proud I am of this kid. I love you, Chase. :)
There is lots to do today, as I have a week that looks like this coming up: "Almost Wednesday", then Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, and Wednesday! Woot! Almost-Wednesday is going to be a very busy day for me as I have doctor appointments to attend, a diagnoses to deal with and learn about, housework to do, and ballgames to attend in the afternoon. However, all of that will be rewarded with a trip to the hospital tomorrow evening to meet the newest grandbaby, Kalani, which is a great ending to ANY day, right? :)'s the 7th day in a row....only 6 more to go before I have developed a habit! Go me.
Happy Sunday, friends.

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