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Monday, November 15, 2010

On the topic of "Arse"...literally and figuratively....

I drive by this building full of bins of bodies now on my way to work. I told Good Friend that I was going to go to the store with all the bodies laying out by the road, and I was half-way amused that this was a serious conversation we had, and that Good Friend very normally replied, "OK,"....because this is something we had sort of discussed previously. The "body store" was closed, so I drove around the parking lot to leave, and then I saw the BINS....but I think I SNORTED when I saw the arse sticking up out of the box on the left....see it? Too, too funny. Good Friend decided this was a blog post waiting to happen, so here it is! I jotted this down to be my post upon receiving said text from Good Friend...."A lesson for Saturday: do not show your arse, whether literally or figuratively. No matter how much you want to believe it to be so, it will never be that anyone really wants to see it. Thank you. (Remember Thursday's lesson? Let's review: it's always polite to say thank you.)" So there you have it....a post on the subject of "arse".

Here's to a good week, friends....happy Monday!

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