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Monday, November 8, 2010

On Family

I made some observations yesterday about family and relationships, and it's your lucky day: Here, I will share them. :)
1. Family isn't just about those you are related to by blood. No sirree. Family is much, much more than that! It amazes me how much you can love someone that you have only just met, and feel as if you have always known them. Their happiness is yours, their sorrow is yours. It's's easy. When it's natural and it's easy (not that it's not worth working for, mind you) it's real, and it's good. You know it is good when you have those who will laugh and cry with you, who are around you because they just like it that way, and who will willingly help you no matter what, even at their expense sometimes...and I'm not talking about monetary expenses in this instance....although that, too, sometimes. :) Family is all about people that love you more than they love themselves....I think I said that right. Read between what I say, OK? Then, perhaps, if I'm lucky, you'll read what I mean.
2. You love people you are around and raised with. Of course, it would be a given that we love our brothers and sisters, the ones that have the same parents as us, right? But yesterday, I was reminded that you don't have to have the same parents to be siblings, to be brothers, or sisters, or brothers and sisters. There was a time that when I was asked how many children I had, I would respond four: two boys and two girls. They were in this order: Katie, Kevin, Wyatt, and Anna. And I still consider Wyatt one of my children. I always will. But, Wyatt was fortunate enough to be able to end up living in a more functional family than what he used to, and I am very grateful for that. Gradually, he went back to living at his house with his *real* mom and dad...Mama and Daddy....and Ma and Paps were just visited on occassion. But that was OK. Because that meant things in their household were OK. Kevin and Wyatt have remained friends, and close friends in that they were somewhat raised together, but that was just what they seemed....friends. But yesterday, I watched my son consoling others, watched him be a leader. And I was proud. And I loved that he needed me to be there, that it was ME he asked to take him there. Even if all I did was stand back and was just that I was there. But then, as I was "just" standing back and watching, I watched my son(s) [Kevin and Wyatt] hug, and I watched as Kevin finally allowed himself to cry and grieve....on the shoulder of his brother. And then, I was reminded that all those years of parenting were still paying off....and they always would, for my son has a brother for life.
3. I'm sure there's more, but I can only be so profound for so long, and the time limit is up. Oh, and yes, I have no idea where the photo came from . It really is an annoying habit of mine, I know. Korry. (Anna-speak for "sorry".)

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