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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heavens to Mergatroid!

I have no idea how to spell "Mergatroid" but I bet you got the idea, right? I FORGOT TO BLOG YESTERDAY!!!!!! Mercy! I remembered, but not at the correct times! Goodness....don't fire me, OK? I will make it a point to continue through the month having missed no more days. And...I will hereby give my word that through the month of December, no matter how busy, I will also strive for a blogaday kind of month. OK? OK.

Now, what to write about. Hmmmm....any ideas? I'm at a loss. Let's see....we went to see the grandbaby last night. He is SOOOO tiny! It's hard to imagine that my babies were that small (save for the Nanna) at one time. Not only was it fun to hold him, but it was fun to watch the Pie2 and Makayla play with him.

Next week! We are completely dis-assembling the blingbling store to go to the Mill for the Holiday Expo there. Wowza. LOTS of work. Lil bit stressful, yes, but still, I could think of MUCH worse things to call a job than that! :) Good Friend needs a break, though, and I really don't see that happening for her. Bummer, dude.

Erm....Kate's new art assignment is to alter a recycled book. There really aren't many guidelines, other than to be as creative as you wish....I can live with that!!!!!! I feel some play time coming on! Lots of ideas are floating around in this noggin of mine!

I have a few custom-ordered pillow cases to get done. I'm really liking them. I love when my clients tell me to just play and do whatever I want. :) It's a little nerve-racking, not knowing the receiver of the gift, but fun just the same. I'm almost done with #3 out of 5.....anyone need to place an order?

See Ms. Hottie Pants up there? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I get to go see her tonight so she can color my hair. Yay! :) Doesn't she have the most adorable family ever? This is Makayla's older sister, Meg, and her man, Eric. They have the most precious babies....Grandbaby #1....Addi, and Grandbaby #3, Gatlin. I can't wait to get some nice new coloring going on....maybe tomorrow, you can see a photo of my new cut and color. Woot!

After getting the color on the hair, I get to go and watch Louann (i.e. Makayla) play basketball. I have a way-cool photo she took of a basketball on here somewhere, but I'm too lazy to find it. I'll share it later...there will be much more blogation about basketball in the near future, I'm sure.

Then....I might get to snooze for a few hours before hitting the ground running again. Double woot!

Happy Almost-Friday, Friends!

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