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Friday, November 12, 2010

An Ode to Shoes

I have way too much fun with my "outshits" each day, when I have a reason to get dressed "up". Anyone who knows me even a little knows this about me. I will say that it has been difficult to dress "up" lately with the extra weight I've found and the fact that 99% of allllll of my clothing does not even BEGIN to fit me any more. I'm trying to embrace that. I'm not *quite* there yet.

Sooooo, while my "outshits" are sometimes lacking of the "Abby Wacky" that those who know me have come to love, I try to make up for it most days with my shoes and jewels. (We all know that Abby loves her some jewels....jewels, color, sparkle...what's better?)

PiePie will tell you I have way too many pairs of shoes...but I wear them all. I love them all. And shoes don't change sizes (too much, anyways) when the rest of your body does. They are fun, and they present your personality, if you let them. (They also happen to be a great conversational piece when you are in boring situations, I've learned.), tomorrow, Monday, whenever the next time you get "dressed" is, here's your assignment: wear your wackiest shoes...mix them with wacky socks, even, and walk like you're Somebody. Brian Andreas said: Wear expensive shoes. People notice. And....he's right. :)

Have a happy Friday!!!!!

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