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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy....

sort of. We've done two yardsales in the last two weeks, held 2 cookouts, had the parents over, and we are still alive and well.....but needless to say, life has been in the way of my blogging activities, much to my dismay! :)
At any rate, we've been having fun, just living life, in between the work, and we are going to do another yardsale this coming week in Tullahoma with the fam...I'm excited to visit with them alllll dayyyyy loonnnngggg, whilst making the moo-lah hand-over-fist....I can dream, right? :) We'll see how it goes.
Today, Kevin has baseball tryouts, only he is helping the coach, not trying out. Kate's mouth is in bad shape after her wisdom teeth removal on Friday, and Anna is curled up next to her big sis, snooozing. She told me yesterday she had allergies and she knew this because she had been "blesshooing" all day long. You just have to love that kid. :) Makayla has been trying her darndest to learn how to crochet and blanket stitch with her left-handed mother....she is frustrated but a trooper and keeps on keeping on!
I will have some fun things to share this week, I promise......

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