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Monday, June 21, 2010

A satisfying day, indeed!!!!

I've been working the kitchen around in my head for a couple months now, and today, I finally got the gumption about me to work on it. It took me all. day. long. But....the end result is great! While I ran out of gumption before I was able to post the photos for you here, I can tell you that I have them to share, and I think you'll be amazed, but in the mean time, I am sharing another "corner" of my home with you....this is the view you would see whilst sitting on the guest bathroom potty @ my house! :) (Just what you wanted to know, right?) Anyways......the drawing is one that my lil sis did for me in '02....and she is one stylin' chic! :) The photo is a post card I picked up while in NYC and the frame, of course, came from the thrift store....but the color schemes match perfectly!!!!! The vine is from my grandfather's funeral, which was about 13 years ago....and the table was MisserPiePie's before I came along, but I painted it black, because EVERYTHING looks better when it's painted!!!! (RIGHT?!?!?!) Oh,, I just scrolled down, and I see you can't even SEE the table...oh, well. :) Now you know. On to the satisfying day...not only did I redo the kitchen (photos to come, promise), but I also cooked supper....we had grilled mushrooms, fresh corn on the cob (only I cut it off the cob, added my special touch, and served it in a bowl, sans corny pieces in the teeth....), and we had venison off the grill (marinated alllll day) and squash (fried...00ps!!!!) from our garden!!!!! Good, good, GOOOOD!

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