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Friday, June 18, 2010


This post is dedicated to enjoying life....

There are a handful of things that have happened in my life that I have *really* learned from, and one of those things happened 2 years ago today, about this time of night, that changed our worlds forever.....crazy as it may sound, I miss many dead, many alive, that were changed by this crazy event....(I know you're smiling from Heaven now, Grady.....that is where my peace from this situation comes from.....)

It is because of that day 2 years ago, combined with a few other memorable days I shall never forget, that cause me to see little things and view them as joy....I try to enjoy each day of LIVING...I try to LIVE each day. (That, my friends, is the majority of the reason that I turned my life, and the lives of those around me, topsy-turvy this year.....and I'll refrain from any more details on that for now....) As well as living, I try to be thankful and participate in *life*....and therefore, I've been spending m0re time outside than ever.....

I've been picking I've enjoyed being, well....satisfied. With life. In general. With being happy. See the harvest of our work????? I've made it no secret that a way to judge if my life is going "well" or not is by my ability (or inability) to create.....and I'm LOVING how these babies have turned out. Now, to hope that someone that happens by my booth at the Nashville Flea Market this month feels just as excited about them as their creator!!!!!

Something I remember doing from my childhood is watching the clouds....this was a passtime that was spent with Keith (the neighbor) and my sister....and now, Makayla....I took this a week or so ago, flat on my back, staring at the sky, making pictures out of the clouds with her. What a fun memory.

We know that color makes me happy....and I love the randomness that represents my son and his haphazard way of living that makes him so stinking and Anna (definitely her brothers protege') created this.....

So here's to you, Grady Carter.....thank you for teaching me a lesson on enjoying life, even though I had to learn it the hard way. I think of you often.

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