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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the Word "Christian"

I was asked today by someone who matters to me what my definition of being a Christian is. In my simple-minded, child-like way, I've answered the question, hand-written for this person, but wanted to document my answer, mainly for my own personal reference, and this seemed to be the place to do it.
Here is what I wrote:
"The definition of a 'Christian', according to, is a person who believes in Jesus Christ, adhering to Christianity, a person who exemplifies the teachign of Christ in his or her life.
To me, the word 'Christian' is what is listed above, for certain. No one is perfect, but if you purely and truly believe in Christ and His teachings, ayou you try to follow the rules outlined in the Bible, striving to be better and learn more each day, repenting for your sins, praying, and being a good example to others, then you have a good start to being Christian.

I think Christians should share fellowship time with other Christians, but also they should not be afraid or too good to fellowship with those who are not Christians, because how else will those people know about God and Christianity if they don't have someone to tell them? Being rock-solid and secure with your beliefs around those who do not share the same makes them respect you; makes them think and question their views and actions and thoughts.
Being a Christian means to have FAITH in God and HOPE in a future. (Read Jeremiah 29:11.) It means to have JOY in your heart, and THANKFULNESS for all things -----> because ALL things work together for the glory of God. (He says so in His book. Romans 8:28) Being a Christian means putting yourself after others, caring, loving, and giving of yourself to make the world a better place.
As a Christian, others will ask where my joy comes from, why I am so is because I CHOOSE to rest in God's hands, enjoying the life He gave me, giving Him the glory for where I am today, for without His care, I would surely not be here!
I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me!!!!!" Philippians 4:13

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