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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Sunny Saturday

So far, on this fine specimen of a Sunny Saturday afternoon....I have created this:
This is a good thing, considering that it is for a birthday party next week for one of the grandbabies....but I'm thinking I should have been outside soaking up the rays while they are there....oops. There's still some daylight left...maybe I still can. I just got started and couldn't know. I want to finish the butterfly pillowcase I started back, too....we'll see.

I'm also going to try to spend some time this evening listing some new things to my etsy can see the shop by clicking on the link below.....check back often as I will be adding new things all the time!
And....I also now have an ebay store I am working diligently to get loaded with vintage t's or t's with slogans, and words on them, primarily. Check it out...there are some nifty shirts there!
Since blogger won't let me copy and paste, you'll just have to go to ebay and do a search for seller id: 2*a*t to find them. :) PTA, I know, but the best I could do here. I still have about 200 shirts to list, so check back on those often, too.
Have a great Saturday evening...I'll be tap, tap, tapping away right here *working* whilst watching NASCAR....vrooom vroom!

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