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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes, I even impress myself. Really.

One of those times was today, when I paid $3.00 for quite possibly the UGLIEST thing I've ever spent money on...which was this unicorn. Folks, I mean UGLY. I wish you could all have seen Mr. Perfect's face when I said I *HAD* to have this "beauty". Especially since it was $3.00...which is thrice what I normally allow myself to spend on any one item, just as a game. It was know...pukey gold....and it was a clock. And it's HUGE. Like 2.5 feet long-ish. Have I said UGLY?!?!?! But then I told him the story about why I NEEDED to get this unicorn....and it goes something like this:

There once was a little girl who had a little sister who sometimes had a hard time falling alseep at night. And when her sister would crawl into her bed and tell her she couldn't sleep, the little girl with a not-so-great imagination would tell her little sister stories about rainbows and unicorns and princesses who lived in far-away lands where there was only ever bright colors, blue skies, happiness, and flowers galore. (This was modeled after a book that we guessed it....a unicorn and the fairy tale land where the unicorn lived....) So when the little girl saw the very ugly unicorn, she knew she must have it for her little sister, and she knew in her mind what a very beautiful unicorn it would be when she finished breathing new life into it and made it look like it did in her mind....a somewhat scary place to be a lot of the time.

One of the very many reasons why the little girl with the little curl loves her Mr. Perfect so dearly is that when she told him the story about, and explained that she saw the very ugly unicorn as bright and beautiful in her mind, and that she would make the unicorn be beautiful like that if all turned out as according to her imagination, he very quickly stated that he had no doubt that that would be the case. be believed in is a wonderful thing!

So here is a sneaky peaky at the ugliest thing the little girl with the little curl has purchased for $3.00 in as long as she can remember.......

You'll have to stay tuned to see the final outcome. Cross your fingers that it is as neat as she hopes it will be! Her sister deserves it! *And today is her little sister's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Little Sister! I love you!!!!!*
And to follow up from yesterday, even though you slackers didn't help em decide on the color, here is THE ONE....up and ready to adorn some lucky person's walls by going to and searching for the username: drawingandcoloring.

Good night! :)

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