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Friday, April 30, 2010

Something I love....

I think it is so fun to take a lot of things that don't "match" but "go together"....things that are unexpected to be on the same wall, but reside well together...and make them work. These are things that you already have, but you have them crammed randomly in this closet or that dresser drawer, under this bed, or in that cabinet. Things you can't get rid of, but things that you don't really know what to do with. These are great things to make a wall collage with....and are quite delightful, unexpected joys! It's "scrapbooking your house", if you will....and we all know that I love scrapbooking!
This is Anna's room....minus a few new additions that have been made since I took this photo....and there are more photos of other walls I've put together to come....I think you'll like them! :)
If you are in the Nashville area and would like me to come scout out these random pieces of joy that you have and put them together for you, please let me know...I'd LOVE to come and play!
Happy Friday, ya'll!

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