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Monday, April 26, 2010

The day after....

I (heart) vistaprint. I just ordered all their free stuff of the day, and I got $100 of stuff for $4.99. Yay-rah. Now, if our Mail Man doesn't eat it, I'll have new free goodies. (Long story.) This is a pre-desined t-shirt they had...with the @ already on it, and I just added my info. I'm in love. I love when good little things like this happen.
At the flea market this weekend, I got in the crappiest of all crappy buildings, by the crappiest of all crappy vendors with a HUGE WALL that took up 2' of my 9'....hog....and so I made signs on what I could find to tape on the door. (She didn't like that, either.) I was pretty pleased with my handiwork, to be make-shift. :)

It was a pretty boring and disappointing weekend, and I entertained myself with drawing on paint samples....there's gotta be a use for them somehow...if not, then they at least kept me entertained while I was there. These are just a very few of the ones I did....yipes.
Off to go jump in puddles with the bay-bay! Gotta love puddle jumping!


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