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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lucky to be MEEEEEE!

So, my dreams are coming studio now has shelves, and mostly the walls are up, my abby-height workbench is there, I have a door....hey, I even have a DOG that stays in there with me while I work! I canot believe that this is happening for me, and I cannot wait to see where it goes!!!!! I'm so excited to be doing the flea market next weekend, but it is supposed to rain for all three days. Please join me in praying that the rain decides to stay away so that this can be successful...I really NEED it to be successful!

About the lil sketchy sketch up there....I drew that while waiting on Kevin to get his hiney handed to him at one of his games when it was too cold to be out and watching....his number is 6, and this is just what I sat and occupied myself with.....I like it.

Gotta get busy...lots to do today, and I have my lil "helper", NannaBaby, with me! Woot woot!

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